Hello World!

I’m Michelle, a creative Full Stack Developer with a passion for the Front End. I am currently living in the Portland, Oregon Area. Nothing excites me more than immersing myself in a good challenge or a great book. Solving puzzles and complex logic problems is something I started doing as a kid and still love to do today. Coding makes my inner kid ecstatic by combining logical problem solving and my artistic passions. When not coding, I am spending my time creating something new, getting involved in the local tech community, or exploring the world around me with my trusty Nikon camera. If you’re curious to know more about me or the various projects I work on I invite you to check out my website or connect with me on social media.

The Things I Write About

I enjoy writing about my experiences in tech and things that I think might help other developers. I believe in sharing resources and sharing stories, so that others might find their path easier.

The Things I Write